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5 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom being remodeled. There is brown paper covering the floor.

How to Tackle Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are exciting and can add tremendous value to your home. Any remodeling project is a tall task, but bathrooms can be especially tricky because of multiple plumbing and electrical lines. You want to approach any remodeling project with caution and many questions for your contractor, but because of the extra steps to take with bathrooms, you should be prepared with lots of questions and ready to point out any concerns. 

Keep reading to discover some top five questions to prepare for your next bathroom remodel.

5 Questions for Every Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is a place to relax after a long day and to prepare for the morning ahead. You want the space to be as functional as it is beautiful. To maximize space and your budget, consider these 5 questions before you get started: 

1. What features are you envisioning? 

Consider making a “must have” and “would be nice” list to prioritize features and finishes. Also, consider how you currently use your bathroom and where the functionality can be improved or maximized. This may mean adding additional cabinet space, an additional closet, or even expanding the bathroom. You can maximize function with upgrades like going from a single sink to a double vanity, adding touchless faucets, or improving the ventilation system to protect your bathroom and decrease the growth of mold and mildew. 

Another popular option is to remove a tub-shower combo and replace it with a freestanding shower. This can free up space in your bathroom for another closet, cabinet space, or double sinks. 

2. Is it worth the investment? 

You will be spending a lot of money on even the most basic bathroom remodel. So you may be asking, “is it worth the investment?” And in most cases, the answer is yes. According to Houzzz, bathroom remodels are very popular, second to only kitchen remodels, and Zillow data shows us that bathroom remodels yield the highest returns when increasing your home’s resale value. Small and relatively inexpensive changes like swapping out faucets, light fixtures, and mirrors can still make a big impact. 

Even if you aren’t considering listing in the near future, putting time, energy, and money into a remodel that will improve your everyday life is definitely worth the investment. 

3. What is your budget? 

You don’t want to go into this blind. According to Zillow, in the United States, a mid-range bathroom remodel costs on average $19,134 and an upscale remodel averages about $61,662. Why the large range? Materials, project scope, and labor can all affect the final total. The biggest culprit of unexpected expenses lies behind the walls: plumbing and electrical issues are often unseen until demolition. Moving plumbing pipes and electrical lines can take huge portions of your budget very quickly. 

When planning, you should also set aside some extra money for these unforeseen expenses.

4. What can you DIY? 

If the budget you’ve planned comes in a little high or the timeframe is running a little long, consider what portions of the project you can do yourself. For the average homeowner, small cosmetic changes like hanging new mirrors, painting, and caulking are fairly easy to tackle. 

For the bigger plumbing and electrical projects, you’ll want to ensure these are done correctly and to code so leave these to the professionals. 

5. What can the contractor do? 

Hiring a contractor is a smart move many homeowners take for their bathroom remodels. But you don’t want to hire the first contractor you see. Meet with multiple and get a few quotes to ensure you’re getting a fair price. You’ll also want them to include the timeline in their estimate. 

Contractors tend to finish projects quicker because of their connections in the industry. They also have access to the best finishes and high-quality materials.

Counts Real Estate — Your Panama City Beach Real Estate Experts

Whether you are planning on listing your home or looking to remodel a home you’ve just closed on, the experts at Counts Real Estate Group have an arsenal of contacts to point you in the right direction for a bathroom remodel. Our agents can even suggest some projects to help up the value of your home. To get started in Panama City Beach, contact us today!

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