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Top Paint Colors For 2023

If you’ve noticed that certain paint colors and color schemes rise in popularity every year and it seems like everything has those colors in some way, you wouldn’t be wrong. Each year paint companies release their color of the year. This especially influences trends in interior design and fashion for that year.

Top Paint Colors For 2023

Top Paint Colors for 2023

Companies have various ways of deciding the color for the coming year.  From mood boards and collages to conferences and retreats, each company spends extensive time deciding on its color of the year. For 2023, we’re already seeing a common theme amongst the companies that have already decided. Muted earth, deep-toned woods, off-whites, and grays are already being championed as companion colors to their color of the year.

Paint Colors From Major Brands

Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Glidden, and Benjamin Moore have already released their 2023 Color of the Year.

Sherwin-Williams Redend Point

This soulful yet subtle brown beige is minimalistic and calming while intriguing. It is warm and earthy to create a soft and cozy space. 

Behr‘s Blank Canvas 

True to its name, this neutral color calls for a new start after the tense few years we have all been subjected to. A simple base that you can have fun pairing with a variety of accents and showcasing your individuality.

Glidden’s Vining Ivy 

This teal color brings a sense of luxury to the modern home. Unlike the soft greens of 2022, this vibrant blue-green adds interest and life to the home that is ready to “get back to normal.”

Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush 

The boldest color is chosen so far, this vivacious red orange brings charisma and certainly makes a statement. Chromeo partnered with Benjamin Moore to create the song Raspberry Blush, a lively song that embodies this energetic color.

Trending Paint Colors

Some top contenders for Color of the Year were Tranquil Blue, Verdigris, Sundial, and Digital Lavender. 

Digital Lavendar is a pale purple that marries the color found in flowery meadows and various digital spaces, important at a time when so many are searching for tranquility in this digital age.

Upgrading With Counts Real Estate

Overall, the color trends for 2023 are leaning towards the balance between stability and invigorating life. A mix of neutrals that provide a canvas and hyper-pigmented bold colors are setting the backdrop for great times ahead.

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